Personable & Professional

Cityview Homes has provided excellent service before, during, and after construction. They have made every effort to ensure our satisfaction, through all stages of the purchase. Their staff are very personable and professional. We are pleased with the final product and would highly recommend them to family and friends.
LB in Waterloo

Continuous Support

Five and a half years ago, we moved into our new Cityview Home and we are just as happy as the day we moved in. Throughout our entire home building experience, all the staff at Cityview were patient with us and did not hesitate to share their knowledge and expertise during the construction process. Evan, along with every other member of the Cityview team was professional and very quick to respond to our inquiries, even on the rare occasion we have called them over these past years. From framing to the finishing touches, Cityview used top quality materials and took pride in their workmanship. Our experience building a brand new home was very positive one and we can confidently recommend Cityview Homes to anyone looking for a builder that provides great customer service and an outstanding product!
Tanya and Harold

Impressed Through All Stages

It has been a little over one year now since moving into our Cityview home and it is a pleasure for us to say how impressed we have been through all stages of our home building experience. Kim and Al’s expertise and knowledge in sales allowed us to buy and sell with confidence, with no questions or concerns, even at a time when the market had slumped. We also greatly appreciated the time we were able to spend with the interior designer, who helped us coordinate finishes and provided advice which helped us create an interior we love. We were able to visit the site intermittently throughout the building process, and having built before, noticed the superior quality and trades people’s attention to detail.
Jason and Avril Smith

If We Bought Again - We'd Look For Another Cityview

We had nothing but an amazing experience with Cityview Homes. The sales team was amazing to work with - pointing out things that they thought would look really good in our house. They did not rush us when we were trying to pick our tiles, cabinets, fixtures etc. Amazing customer service and a great home! If we were to buy another home, we would definitely look for another Cityview!
Samantha in Thornhill

Expertise, Passion & Follow Through

Right from the initial purchase of our home in Baden, the Cityview team has been nothing but wonderful to us during our home building experience.

The sales team was very informative and helpful when guiding us and enabling us to choose the right model for our "forever home". Kim’s expertise and leading us through the design experience with high quality finishings and incredible upgrades, was nothing but memorable. It was breathtaking seeing everything come together. Ken’s passion and dedication for any additional handyman work was exquisite – there was so much pride in his efforts, as he "never wants to let the homeowners down". Joanne’s follow through, responsiveness to questions and attention to detail has been luminous – including her vibrant personality!

We are thrilled we chose Cityview as our home builder, and even more excited to make memories in our home for years to come.
Meghan and Corey

It's Obvious Customer Service Is A High Priority

We appreciate being treated professionally and Cityview went above and beyond our need, during and after construction.

Each representative we dealt with was first rate and it made all the difference when building our first home! Our general contractor, and customer Service Representative was especially appreciated and we know we could completely trust both of them! It is obvious that customer service is a high priority to Cityview! All of our concerns, wants and needs were handled promptly and according to our wishes.

We love our new home and we look forward to raising our family here.
Terry and Andy Berman

"I Love This Home"

My husband and I would like to thank you for your support and cooperation when we purchased our home.

When we finally moved into our home, I was overcome with the beauty of our home. We fell in love with the plans of the Cityview Model, but it was in no comparison to the final product. My first favorite room with the Juliette Balcony. We are well aware of the workmanship that went into the building of your homes. We realized that the Cityview Homes are much more superior that other homes we have looked at in and around York Region.

Everyday I walk into our home I say, “I love this home.”
Debra and Martin Derlick

Exactly What We Wanted

We love our new Cityview home. The design and layout of the house is exactly what we wanted. The after sale service department took care of all of our needs.

We would definitely recommend Cityview to other new home buyers.
Murray and Wendy Reingold

The House Is An Absolute Joy To Be In

The Cityview team has been terrific to work with – from start to finish, we really appreciated the team’s responsiveness to questions, attention to detail, and the pride they took in completing the house with high quality finishing’s and an abundance of amazing upgrades!

From layout to finishing, the house is an absolute joy to be in and we look forward to raising our family in the home, entertaining family and friends and enjoying the community around us.

We would highly recommend Cityview and would gladly work with the team again!
Greg Kaplan

Highly Responsive & Trustworthy

The Cityview team was a pleasure to work with from purchase to closing! Their approach to customer service is top notch - highly responsive, trustworthy and great delivery! Truly a professional approach and delivery of a high quality home and overall product! From the "must haves" to custom finishing and tremendous customer service - we couldn't have asked for anything more in our recent move!
Greg in Thornhill

Care In Quality Of Work

The Cityview Homes After Sales Service Specialists came in with a positive attitude and were willing to work hard to get my thirty day list completed. I would say that the quality of work they put out is above anything I have seen before and I have lived in more than one new building area. I think it's important to recognize people that have a great work ethic and care about the quality of work that they are doing.
Amy Tereschuk